06/09/2017 07:24 EDT

Air Canada Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Fills With Smoke

An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing in Seattle on Thursday morning after smoke was seen in the plane's cabin.

Seattle-based reporter Rob Munoz shared a video from a passenger's phone on Twitter, that shows concerned travellers looking around as smoke fills the air on the flight.

The Bombardier Q400 plane was on its way from Calgary to Seattle.

Passenger Heather Hudson, of Calgary, told Reuters that flight attendants checked overhead bins for the source of the smoke, but didn't seem to find where it originated.

Fire crews met the plane on the Seattle-Tacoma airport's runway, and passengers were evacuated. Those waiting for a flight on the same plane back to Calgary were re-routed onto a later flight through Vancouver, Kiro 7 News reported.

The airport tweeted that no passengers were injured.

Air Canada sent the following statement to HuffPost Canada:

Upon descent into Seattle (from Calgary), the crew of flight Air Canada Express 8301 detected a slight haze in the cabin. The crew requested emergency landing priority as is our standard operating procedure. The aircraft landed safely and the crew performed an emergency evacuation, again as a precautionary measure. Passengers were deplaned safely and were bussed to the terminal. There were no injuries to passengers or crew members. The emergency vehicles met and inspected the aircraft upon arrival and found no fire. Our maintenance personnel are performing a thorough inspection of the aircraft to determine the cause.

We apologize to our passengers for the inconvenience caused. The aircraft was a Bombardier Q400 aircraft with 74 passengers and 4 crew members onboard.

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