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Artist Takes Body-Positive Movement To New Level With Nude Protest

Artist Andy Golub is making a statement about body positivity.

On Friday, Golub rounded up 200 participants in New York City’s Times Square and painted their nude bodies to celebrate people of all shapes and sizes.

Note: some photos are NSFW

The art project, called “Body Notes,” was meant to send powerful body-positive messages to the world, as each participant showcased a different phrase on their bodies.

One participant, who uses a wheelchair, proudly wore a message reading, “It’s not brave. It’s just my body.”

And another curvy woman bore the words, “Be juicy.”

Cosmopolitan reports that Golub’s event, known as Body Notes Bash, was inspired by the Post-It wall that appeared in NYC's subway stations following election day in the U.S.

In addition to celebrating body-positivity with his art project, Golub also borrowed phrases from the Post-It wall to send messages of hope and love.

“All are worthy of justice, compassion and love,” one note read.

“All you need is love,” another said.

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According to Golub, his nude art movement was not only meant to help people get comfortable in their own skin, but was also meant as an important lesson in acceptance.

“People are expressing themselves with their bodies and they're also expressing themselves with their words,” he said, according to the Daily Star. “So it's an opportunity for them to sort of share who they are and with no shame and with comfort and then on the same token for others to accept them.”

“So it's something that on one level it seems like sort of like a fun silly thing, people are naked, colours, but on the other level it actually impacts people in a very deep way,” he added.

Take a look below at more stunning images from Golub’s body-positive protest.

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Words of inspiration were written on nude bodies, The expression of self awareness Creating an art on the bare bodies as the artists and model are​ being viewed by thousands of onlookers on Time Square and on social media. KUDOS TO ALL the beautiful, flawless bodies​, WELCOME TO THE FIRST OF ITS KIND EVENT ON TIME SQUARE. BODY NOTES. JUNE 9, 2017. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😐😐😐😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Humanconnectionart #bodynotes #body #writing #bodytalk #words #handwritten #inspirationalquotes #andygolub #nyc #bodypainting #bodypaintingday #bodypaint #nude #model #freedom #bodyart #timessquare #artist #expression #streetart #humanconnectionarts #bodynotes #humancanvas #beautiful #nudeart #publicart #nude #camera #action

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