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Best Nicknames To Use As First Names For Your Wee One

There's a reason this baby name trend is so popular.

People love nicknames because they can be so unique to an individual. For instance, someone named Nicholas can either go with Nick, Nicky, Nico or even Cole. Each variation has its own personality, which is what makes nicknames so great!

Nicknames were actually invented as a way to differentiate people with the same name. This started in the 18th century when the majority of boys baptized in Britain were named William, John or Thomas, and the majority of girls were named Elizabeth, Mary or Anne, BBC reports.

Over time, nicknames as first names became a popular baby name trend.

Today, parents looking for a unique twist on a moniker often opt for these short forms over traditional names, which also tend to be longer. If you’re also a fan of this trend, then check out this list of 10 best nicknames to use as first names below. These monikers are full of personality.

1. Sukie

Believe it or not, Sukie is a modern nickname for Susan or Susannah. Sukie is more appealing than the nickname Susie because it has a stronger sound, which also makes it more fashionable. Additionally, Sukie has various spellings, including Sukey, Sookie, Souki or Suki. Interestingly, the latter means “loved one” in Japanese.

2. Liv

Naturally, this nickname for Olivia means “life.” We love the bright and charming vibe this name gives off and the fact that it has a classic feel. Interestingly, Liv is actually a “stand-alone Scandinavian name,” according to Nameberry. The pretty moniker famously belongs to actress Liv Tyler.

3. Becks

Becks is the nickname affectionately given to David Beckham, but it also works well for the trendy name Beckett. Becks is a great name choice because not only is it unique, but it also has a very friendly and laid-back sound.

4. Theo

Theo is a fashionable alternative to the classic name Theodore. The moniker has a cool, fresh sound compared to the outdated nickname Ted. It also stays true to its longer diminutive and maintains the classic, old-fashioned feel.

5. Andie

This moniker is short for Andrea. We love that it not only follows the nickname as first name trend, but that it is also unisex. Plus, Andie has an affectionate, friendly sound and it's neither too feminine nor masculine.

6. Elle

If you want a feminine nickname that doesn’t end in the ultra-feminine “e”-sound, then Elle is for you. This moniker is short for literally any girl name that starts with “El-” such as Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elena and so on. We love this French moniker because it easily stands on its own. Plus, nicknames don’t get much shorter than this!

7. Zeke

Zeke is derived from the biblical name Ezekiel and means “God strengthens.” We’re drawn to this name for its cool, slick vibe and strong sound. Zeke is also a refreshing take on the common nickname Zach.

8. Dane

This is one stylish unisex name! Dane can be short for Dana for girls or Daniel for boys. The moniker has a sophisticated appeal since it’s a title name used for an inhabitant of Denmark. We love that it is a short name with a strong sound.

9. Bea

If you love the name Beatrice or Beatrix but are afraid it’s just too old fashioned for your little one, then try the nickname Bea. This pretty moniker has the same chic feel, but with a more modern sound.

10. Kit

Christopher is commonly shortened to Chris, but a more unique nickname is Kit. We love that this name is both rare and original. Plus, your little one definitely won’t get mixed up with the other Christophers in his class!

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