06/12/2017 08:39 EDT | Updated 06/13/2017 03:03 EDT

Paul David Derksen Charged In Alleged Edmonton Sex Assault

Edmonton police have charged him with kidnapping and sexual assault.

Edmonton police have laid charges in an alleged kidnapping and sex assault that initially appeared to involve a fake cop.

Paul David Derksen, 50, is charged with kidnapping and sexual assault, according to an Edmonton Police Service news release Monday.

Paul David Derksen has been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. (Photo: Edmonton Police Service)

Derksen works for the security company Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, and was a traffic safety contractor with the City of Edmonton.

Police say they believe Derksen was wearing his work uniform and using his personal car during the alleged offences.

He has not been charged with impersonating a peace officer.

Deputy police chief Kevin Brezinski told reporters, "He wasn't impersonating a peace officer because he was a peace officer," according to the Edmonton Journal.

Derksen was arrested Sunday during a traffic stop, nearly a week after police appealed for public tips in the case.

A woman told police that she was pulled over by a car with flashing lights around 2 a.m. on June 4. A man in a uniform convinced her to get in the vehicle, she said.

Edmonton police released footage of the interior of a vehicle where a man allegedly impersonated a peace officer and assaulted a woman earlier this month. (Photo: EPS)

He allegedly told her that he would not lay charges if she performed sexual acts on him.

The woman was then driven to the city’s Borden Park area where she was allegedly sexually assaulted before being dropped off at home, said police investigators.

Retired cop Charlie Pester told CBC Radio's Edmonton AM listeners on Monday if people have any concerns over the veracity of an officer's credentials, call 911 with a request for a uniformed car.

"A real policeman, it would take him 10 to 15 seconds to figure this guy out. I don't think it would take very long to figure out a fake," he said.

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