06/13/2017 05:00 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 10:50 EDT

Caesar Cocktails Are As Canadian As The Calgary Stampede

It's estimated Canadians drank over 400 million Caesars in 2016.

There's no one way to whip up a Caesar, but there is one person behind the iconic cocktail: Walter Chell.

The Calgary bartender needed to create a signature drink for a new restaurant back in 1969. Drawing inspiration from one of his favourite pasta dishes, spaghetti vongole, Chell eventually arrived at the boozy, spicy and savoury drink that's synonymous with patio brunches for millions of Canadians.

Fast forward 48 years, and travel some 2,700 kilometres east, and you'll find yourself in Toronto, where bartenders like Samantha Chisnall have put their own twist on the drink.

The Caesar at Carters Landing is a meal within itself.

But despite the embellishments (seriously, this thing comes garnished with a slice of pizza), Chisnall says the crux of the drink remains the same and undoubtedly Canadian.

Check out the video above to learn what separates Caesars from its American sister, the Bloody Mary.

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