06/13/2017 02:12 EDT

Actress China McClain Ditches Straight Hair For Curls: I'm Black And 'Hella Proud'

That's right, sis.

Former Disney star China McClain has come a long way since her days on the TV show "A.N.T. Farm," where she often wore straight, sleek hairstyles — and is now fully embracing herself as a curly girl.

In a post shared on her Instagram last week, the 18-year-old showed off her natural hair and made it very clear that she was ready to ditch the flat iron.

"Why do we let everyone else tell us what we should look like? How we should dress? How to wear our hair? What we can't do based on our appearance or the colour of our skin?" she questioned. "Haven't ever really worn my hair natural but I'm sick of straightening this magic."

"I'm a black girl and I'm hella proud. And whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, red, green, or purple you should be proud too because you're BEAUTIFUL," she continued.

Considering that her primary fanbase is young girls, the actress's powerful message is vital for someone with her platform. By sending this message, especially on Instagram, she makes it very clear that there's nothing wrong with embracing your natural beauty.

Vintage 1940's Movie Projector 😍📽

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But aside from looking fab, McClain is keeping busy in Hollywood. Not only will she be starring in Disney Channel's summer movie "Descendents 2." she also has a new upcoming series, called "Black Lightning," which is set to premiere on the CW, Essence reports.

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