06/15/2017 09:39 EDT

Jeffrey Robert Williamson Arrested For Canada Creep Twitter Account

James Robert Williamson was charged with voyeurism and publication of voyeuristic recordings.

CALGARY — Police have charged a 42-year-old Calgary man for allegedly filming women for at least five years without their knowledge and posting their images to a Twitter account called "Canada Creep.''

Staff Sgt. Cory Dayley said Calgary police received a complaint Monday about the photos and videos, some shot up the skirts of unsuspecting women.

He said investigators identified a suspect thanks to a public tip.

Jeffrey Robert Williamson was charged Wednesday night with three counts each of voyeurism and publication of voyeuristic recordings.

He will appear in court on Thursday.

Daley said there are likely to be more charges as officers sift through hundreds of thousands of images on numerous electronic devices that were seized and identify more victims.

"It could take weeks, if not months to go through it,'' he said Wednesday. "We have images and videos dating back to at least 2012 right now and, as we dig deeper, we may find that it goes back further.''

Police say the Twitter account had been up for about a year, but they hadn't received any complaints until this week.

Police received a flood of tips

The account, which had about 17,000 followers, was suspended Tuesday.

Police put out a call for help and got a flood of tips, he said.

"This is definitely an extreme case for us here in Calgary and what we're seeing (is) quite disturbing and concerning, no doubt,'' Dayley said.

"We just really need the community to do what it did in this case, which really helped us get out in front of the investigation and react as quickly as we did and bring it to a quick resolution.''