06/15/2017 06:28 EDT | Updated 06/15/2017 08:57 EDT

Derek Saretzky Told Police He Didn't Know Where God Put Slain 2-Year-Old Girl's Body

A police interview with Derek Saretzky from 2015 was played in court.

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — A man charged with killing a two-year-old girl along with her father and a senior told police the little one was in heaven, but he didn't know where God had put her body.

An Amber Alert had been issued for Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette when police spoke with Derek Saretzky in September 2015. They believed he was a suspect in her disappearance and in the slaying of Terry Blanchette, whose bloodied body was found in his home in Blairmore, Alta.

Court has heard that Larry Saretzky, the accused's father, had been talking to his son while police waited nearby and knew that he had "done something bad.'' He told officers they needed to speak to his son.

In a lengthy interview with RCMP played in court Thursday, Saretzky, 24, told officers that he didn't know where Hailey was.

Derek Saretzky was suspected in the disappearance of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette when an Amber Alert was issued for her in September 2015.

"Is she alive?'' asked one of the officers.

"I couldn't tell you,'' Saretzky replied.

"Help them Derek. Please,'' his father urged.

"She's in heaven. Her spirit is floating around,'' Saretzky replied.

"Her body is in my sperm cells.''

When asked if Hailey was at peace, Saretzky said "she probably is now.''

"She probably didn't have a very good life ... she wasn't happy.''

Two-year-old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette's remains were found in a campground firepit.

Saretzky said God told him about Hailey.

"God did it. God works in some weird ways,'' Saretzky said.

"I don't think God would make a two-year-old baby girl just disappear,'' the officer replied.

Saretzky was then told to stand up and was charged with murder.

"I didn't do anything,'' said Saretzky, who added "I love you, Dad'' as he was led away.

Talking to officers in the police car on the way to RCMP headquarters, Saretzky was asked again where Hailey's body was.

"I don't know where God put her,'' he replied.

Suspect has confessed to all three murders: Crown

Saretzky faces three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Hailey, her father Terry Blanchette, 27, and 69-year-old Hanne Meketech. Her body was found in her mobile home in nearby Coleman, Alta., five days earlier.

The Crown has told the jury that Saretzky confessed to all three murders.

Saretzky has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges, as well as to a charge of committing an indignity to the girl's body.

Court has already heard that Saretzky eventually led officers to Hailey's remains in a campground firepit.

Terry Blanchette's bloodied body was found in his home in Blairmore, Alta.

At the police station, Saretzky was given a list of lawyers and again reminded of his rights, court heard.

"I don't even remember doing it. I don't believe I'm guilty,'' he said.

He did eventually reach a lawyer to get some advice.

"She just told me to say the truth and whatever,'' he informed the officer.

As Saretzky was being led to a jail cell, he could be heard asking if he could receive some reading material, including a Bible.