06/16/2017 11:23 EDT | Updated 06/23/2017 14:52 EDT

When Dads First See Their Babies, It's An Emotional Experience

"There was no other option but to nurture them, protect them, provide for them."

Becoming a dad is a life-changing experience.

For some men, the first time they hold their babies can bring tears to their eyes. For others, they have no idea what to do with these new, tiny humans who will soon take over their lives.

But thankfully, most dads will eventually find their groove.

New York City-based dad Nathan Smith shared with HuffPost Canada that prior to his three sons' births he wasn't sure what to expect, but once they came into the world, he "instantly knew what to do."

"There was no other option but to nurture them, protect them, provide for them, and be an example of how a man ought to be," he says. "I knew everything I did was going to be for them."

"My most memorable moment of fatherhood was when my wife and I found out we were having a third son," Smith continues. "I consider myself a blessed man because I have been given the responsibility of raising sons. I get to pour into their lives through my words and actions the things I believe are most important – God, family, respect, responsibility, and education."

"I want my sons to take what they have learned from me to a higher level. Above all, I want them to be better than me."

Watch the video above to find out how other dads felt the first time they laid their eyes on their newborn bundles of joy.

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