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Pamela Anderson Is Creating A Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant In France

For 50 nights only.

Former "Baywatch" star and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is confirming her commitment to vegan living with plans to open a pop-up restaurant in Ramatuelle, in the South of France, with no animal products on the menu.

Anderson's vegan restaurant, "La Table du Marché by Pamela," takes the form of a pop-up, opening to diners from July 4 for 50 nights only.

Pamela Anderson poses with a person dressed as a seal as part of PETA's protest of the Canadian seal hunt at Queen's Park in Toronto, October 23, 2009.

The Canadian-American actress has signed up chef Christophe Leroy to develop the vegan menu for the new eatery, located at "Les Moulins de Ramatuelle," not far from Saint-Tropez, home to her famous forerunner, Brigitte Bardot.

Dishes to discover include a tomato tartare with Goji berries, traditional Provençal "petits farcis" (stuffed vegetables), an asparagus risotto and a vegan burger. The average price of a three-course meal is €80.

Pamela Anderson joins PETA to promote vegan food at Marble Arch on October 26, 2016 in London, England.

"La Table du Marché by Pamela" will be open every evening from 6pm. Bookings can be made via the La Fourchette website.

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