06/20/2017 15:52 EDT | Updated 06/20/2017 21:46 EDT

Saskatchewan RCMP Officer Stops Train, Rescues Car Crash Victim

Officer used flashlight to signal train.

Getty Images/All Canada Photos
A RCMP officer rescued a car crash victim by stopping a moving train.

YORKTON, Sask. — A quick-thinking, off-duty RCMP officer is being credited with helping avert a tragedy in Saskatchewan by managing to stop a moving train.

Police say the officer was heading home after a night shift in Yorkton on the weekend when she spotted a vehicle that had crashed.

The vehicle ended up on the railway tracks and when the officer approached to help, she heard a train lumbering toward the crash site.

RCMP say the officer grabbed her flashlight and started running toward the train to get it to stop.

Her signalling worked and the train was able to brake just before it reached the crash.

The person inside the vehicle was taken to hospital for treatment.

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