Weird Driving Laws From Around The World, As Shown In GIFs

We can think of one or two that Canada should adopt.

Canada has some interesting driving laws. In Prince Edward Island, it's technically illegal to pass without honking, and in B.C., you can't leave your windows rolled down while you're parked.

But we were still fascinated to learn about some of these odd ones from around the world, courtesy of, a U.K. rate comparison site.

In Botswana, there's at least one law that relates to animals and motorcycles.

This odd one from Italy applies on some roads in the country, regardless of whether or not there's snow on the ground.

The rights of bus users are paramount in this Australian province.

How dirty does a car have to get before you're slapped with a fine? Is the $17 to $44 a sliding scale of grime?

We kind of agree with this one. Where are you rushing to be at 2 a.m.?

But no matter how odd these laws might be, they're still the rules of the road, so pay attention to the size of your buffaloes if you're riding with them. Not that anyone is likely to actually lug one on their motorbike. Those animals are huge.

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