06/20/2017 21:39 EDT | Updated 06/20/2017 21:40 EDT

Survivor of attack testifies at trial of man accusing of killing two

CALGARY — A witness in the trial of the man accused of killing his estranged wife and her friend says she still hears the victims’ screams months after the incident in May 2014.

Shalni Gill testified on day two in the trial of Hari Pal, 54, charged with the second-degree murders of Sanjula Devi and Fahmida Velji-Visram.

Gill told the court that on May 4, 2014, she was in the upstairs unit of the home when she heard yelling from the basement suite below.

She said she immediately rushed down to find Pal telling Devi to get out of the unit, while also stabbing her several times.

Gill testified she went to pull Pal off of Devi, but was stabbed in the shoulder in the process.

On Monday, court heard that Devi, a young girl and family friend Velji-Visram had gone to the home to gather their belongings since Devi and Pal were estranged.

Gill testified she didn’t see Velji-Visram get stabbed.

Pal was also charged with the attempted murder of Gill, who ended up with 10 stitches from the deep wound, leaving behind a scar.

“I was frozen, I couldn’t feel anything,” she told the court. “I was worried about Sanjula.”

There have been multiple delays in the trial getting underway, but Gill was eventually found fit to stand trial after being diagnosed with a disorder that leads to bouts of confusion.

(CTV Calgary)