06/22/2017 14:10 EDT | Updated 06/22/2017 15:01 EDT

Indigenous woman says shut down of Saskatchewan bus service will cost lives

REGINA — An indigenous woman in Regina says people are going to die because of the Saskatchewan government's decision to shut down the provincial bus service.

Connie Deiter says that's why she has filed a complaint with the human rights commission alleging that the decision discriminates against her and other indigenous women.

The Saskatchewan Transportation Co. was shut down at the end of May to save the cash-strapped government money.

Deiter says that means First Nations women will be forced to hitchhike, sometimes with luggage and children in tow.

Deiter says she's worried women will disappear and there could be  "Highways of Tears" all over Saskatchewan.

Her reference was to a notorious stretch of highway in northern British Columbia that became known as the "Highway of Tears" after 18 women were murdered or disappeared.

The Saskatchewan government says it would be inappropriate to comment on the complaint because the matter is  before the human rights commission.