06/23/2017 11:50 EDT | Updated 06/27/2017 09:48 EDT

The #1 Antiperspirant On Amazon Promises To Cease Sweating For A Week

*Immediately sniffs armpit*

If you're a sweater, your Google searches probably look something like this:


And you're also probably pretty well-versed in what's available on the market.

So if you haven't heard of Sweat Block yet, allow us to introduce you to it.

According to Racked, it's the No. 1 selling antiperspirant on Amazon, and the stellar reviews tell us that its users really, really love it.

The eight-piece package, which sells for $24.99, promises that each towelette contained within ceases sweating for up to a week, so you're looking at eight weeks worth of dry pits.

It sounds pretty good to us. But how does it work?

In an interview on the Rachael Ray show, Women's Health writer Dr. Keri Peterson noted the product contains alumnium chloride, which works by actually going into the ducts of sweat glands and making them swell so that sweat cannot escape.

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Huh. Sounds kind of terrifying. And maybe dangerous?

But this is exactly the same kind of ingredients used by pretty much all antiperspirants, just with a higher dosage.

And according to assistant professor of dermatology Dr. Hooman Khorasani in the New York Times, using antiperspirant in general is nothing to be worried about.

"A few sweat glands under the armpit does not have a significant impact on the overall excretion of sweat," he told the paper. He went on to add that we have sweat glands all over our body, and that most of the things that need to be eliminated from our bodies happens through the kidneys, anyway.

A few sweat glands under the armpit does not have a significant impact on the overall excretion of sweat.

And for more effective antiperspirant, dermatologist Jessica Wu told HuffPost you should try blow-drying your armpits before and after application to ensure it has time to do its job.

Fans of Sweat Block, meanwhile, are happy to share their passion, putting out social media snaps with absolutely no shame.

Seriously love this product. #sweatblock

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Similarly, reviews read like religious experiences ("SweatBlock has blessed me with dry armpits at last"), though some customers do warn that the towels don't quite last the week, and the company's "average effectiveness" scale currently puts it at 6.4 days.

But with promises like a lack of stained shirts (hello again, silk!) and a money-back guarantee, this sounds like it could be the dry-armed dream we've been waiting for.

For the sake of chalky pits, we're willing to give it a shot.

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