06/26/2017 12:41 EDT | Updated 06/26/2017 16:18 EDT

KFC Changes Name To K'ehFC For Canada 150

Doing its best to stay relevant, or something.

KFC Canada
A new sign marking the name change is going up at the very first Canadian KFC location in Saskatoon.

OK, KFC ...

Or should we say, OK'eh?

Hoping to capitalize on Canada's 150th birthday celebration, or something, the company best known for finger-lickin' chicken announced it's changing its name to K'ehFC for the summer.

In case you're confused, here's an explainer video on how to pronounce the new name. (Spoiler:It's exactly the same.)

"Canada Day is about togetherness — for the country, our communities, and for our friends and family, and bringing people together over a bucket of chicken is what K'ehFC stands for," said Stephen Scarrow, senior marketing manager for K'ehFC, in a news release.

Exactly as the fathers of Confederation envisioned.

A brand new sign is going up on Saskatoon's 8th Street restaurant — the first-ever Canadian location, which opened in 1955.

KFC Canada
The K'heFC name change will be celebrated with a new storefront sign at the very first Canadian location in Saskatoon.

The new logo will also be featured on buckets of chicken sold across the country.

Be sure to hold onto those babies once you're done eating; you never know how much a grease-stained, commemorative fast food bucket could fetch on Ebay.c'eh in the future.

KFC has been known to come up with some pretty wacky publicity stunts. Who could forget their edible nail polish? Or their special Mother's Day chicken-flavoured chocolate? (Watch the videos below.)

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