06/26/2017 17:35 EDT | Updated 06/26/2017 17:35 EDT

Sourtoe Cocktail Contest Launched Seeking Extra Toes For Weird Canadian Tradition

It's just extra insurance in case toes go missing again.

Travel Yukon/Instagram

The case of arguably the most famous missing toe in Canada may have ended happily, but Yukon tourism officials aren't forgetting about the ensuing panic.

Dawson City's famous "sourtoe cocktail" was thrown into jeopardy when the main ingredient was stolen earlier this month from The Downtown Hotel bar. But much to the bar's relief, the thief mailed the beloved appendage back in excellent condition four days later.

Many brave souls travel to Dawson City to join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club, and 70,000 have succeeded in drinking the cocktail and allowing the brown, mummified toe to touch their lips.

To avoid such a close call for the end of the odd tradition, which dates back to the 1973, Tourism Yukon is on the hunt for a backup human toe.

It only makes sense to have extra toes on hand in case, the toe gets swallowed or stolen again.

Fear not, the hotel isn't looking for toes to chop off all willy-nilly. Instead, Tourism Yukon is inviting generous individuals to upload photos of their toes on Instagram if they're willing to part with the digits post-mortem.

The lucky contest winner will get a vacation for two.

"Does your toe exude a delectable aroma? A fragrance that begs to be shared with the world? Is your toe ready to tell the story of all the trials and tribulations it has endured to keep your foot afloat? Then that toe deserves to win a free trip to the Yukon, where it can be immortalized in the famous Sourtoe Cocktail," a press release stated.

@travelyukon, maybe I can get a second card :) #makeatoenation

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There are currently over 70 sets of toes being offered on Instagram so the bar already has plenty to choose from.

Every toe-offering will be displayed on, which currently redirects back to Instagram.

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