06/27/2017 14:08 EDT | Updated 06/27/2017 14:08 EDT

Kittens Stuffed In Plastic Bag After Ontario Pet Shop Break-In

A puppy was recovered.

Barrie Police Service

BARRIE, Ont. — Police say they've recovered a puppy stolen from a central Ontario pet shop, but are still looking for four kittens taken during the same break-in.

They say video surveillance caught a suspect forcing his way into the Barrie, Ont., shop early Sunday morning.

Investigators say a puppy and four kittens were taken from their cages and carried out of the pet shop in a plastic bag.

They say the puppy, a nine-week-old cockapoo, was recovered on Monday night in nearby Innisfil, Ont.

Police say they believe the missing kittens — two black, one grey and one beige — may have been given to Innisfil residents and are asking anyone who has one of the animals to contact police or the pet store.

They say the eight-week-old kittens require further vaccinations.

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