06/27/2017 11:03 EDT | Updated 06/27/2017 11:04 EDT

Ryan Reynolds Is A Real-Life Superhero, Thanks To CPR

He saved his nephew's life.

Ryan Reynolds was a superhero long before he played one on-screen. On Monday, the Vancouver-born star revealed that he once saved his nephew's life by using CPR.

"Years ago, I took a CPR course thru the Red Cross. And holy shit, I ended up saving my nephew's life because I knew what to do! True story!" he wrote on Instagram.

"Yesterday I took a refresher course -- focusing on infant and toddler CPR," he continued. "It takes only a few hours and it's also kinda, sorta fun."

And because Reynolds is known for his silly sense of humour, he not only thanked Viva First Aid for the lesson, but also the "two helpful yet lifeless dolls whose vacant ocular cavities will haunt me until end times."

Reynolds has two young daughters — two-year-old James and nine-month-old Ines — with wife Blake Lively, which is why this lesson in CPR was so important to them as parents.

On Monday, Lively shared a similar post on Instagram to urge "all mamas and daddies out there" to take a CPR class.

"For those of you who haven't done it, you will love it," she wrote. "It's so helpful by giving you knowledge, tools, and some peace of mind."

With social media posts like these, it's clear that Lively and Reynolds are ambassadors for CPR education. Lively even noted on her Instagram that parents can use Google to search for classes, or U.S. residents can look for courses on the American Heart Association's website.

But with so many celebrity endorsements these days, we can certainly get behind this one.

Knowing how to administer CPR to a child or infant can mean the difference between life and death. Some situations where a baby's breathing or heartbeat might stop include near drowning, choking, suffocation, poisoning, and smoke inhalation.

According to Lanny Dowell, Greater Baltimore Medical Center's parent education and doula coordinator, CPR is "a learned technique."

"It's one skill that just doesn't come naturally to caregivers," she told The Baltimore Sun.

Experts recommend parents take a refresher course every year, or at least every two years, so that they can maintain their CPR skills and be prepared in emergency situations.

The Canadian Red Cross offers regular classes for parents in Canada. Visit their website for more information.

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