06/30/2017 11:17 EDT | Updated 06/30/2017 14:19 EDT

Toronto Airport Removes Ad Activists Call 'Insulting' to Cows

The poster at Billy Bishop Airport said, "You're precious cargo, not cattle."

Facebook/Len Goldberg
Activist Len Goldberg said the message outlined by an airport ad is "insulting" to cows.

Toronto's island airport has taken down an advertisement after animal rights activists complained it is disrespectful to cows.

The poster at Billy Bishop Airport said, "You're precious cargo, not cattle," and outlined upgrades being made to the passenger terminal.

Activist Len Goldberg says in a Facebook post that message is "insulting" to cows.

He says he rallied a number of like-minded people to contact the government body that operates the airport to complain.

A PortsToronto spokeswoman says the offending poster was immediately removed and that particular message won't be part of the ad campaign moving forward.

Deborah Wilson says the ad had implied disrespect for animals that was not intended.

"Perspective and discourse is an interesting and important element of any public campaign," said Wilson. "We appreciate that these concerns were brought forward so that we could better understand the issue and respond quickly to remedy the situation."

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