07/01/2017 14:44 EDT | Updated 07/01/2017 19:49 EDT

Massive Canadian Flag Unveiled In Vancouver's Stanley Park

The flag is larger than a CFL field.

Don Davies/Twitter
Vancouver area MP Don Davies with a huge Canadian flag made by one of his constituents. The flag is on display in Stanley Park on Canada Day.

What's 140 metres long, weighs more than a ton and has a lot of patriotism?

No, it's not Toronto's giant duck. It's a massive Canadian flag on display in Vancouver's Stanley Park for Canada Day.

It's reportedly the largest Canadian flag in the world.

Immigrant Zhen Zhong Li created the flag. Local MP Don Davies helped to get Li's creation displayed in Brockton Oval.

The flag measures 140 metres by 70 metres wide and was made with the help of Zhen's friends and family, CBC News reported.

Here's another look at it.

But to really get an idea of the flag's size you need to see it from the air.


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