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Duchess Of Cornwall Couldn't Hold Back Giggles During Inuit Throat Singing

The performance was part of an official welcome ceremony in Iqaluit.

We would hope that the Duchess of Cornwall laughs often in her life with Prince Charles, but maybe she should hold back during a traditional Inuit performance.

The couple were in Iqaluit, Nunavut Thursday as part of a short trip to Canada to mark the country's 150th anniversary.

As part of an official welcoming ceremony outside the territory's legislative building, two Inuit throat singers performed.

The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

At a certain point during the singing, Camilla, who is wearing sunglasses, seems unable to hold in her giggles. She clutches her headscarf and even tries to cover her mouth as she convulses with laughter.

She turns to Charles, who has a grin on his face as he watches the singers.

Throat singers themselves can end up giggling — two girls delighted the crowd at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's swearing-in ceremony in 2015 with their laughter once the singing was over.

The practice is a competition, which is over when one person laughs, stops or runs out of breath, according to National Geographic.

While it's impossible to know what sparked Camilla's laughing— maybe her husband, ever the comedian, made a great joke just beforehand — you would think the strict etiquette for which the royals are so well-known would prevent this type of display.

You can watch the awkward few moments in the video above.

CLARIFICATION: A previous version of this story neglected to make clear that throat singing itself often ends in laughter on the part of the singers. This version has been changed.

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