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EBay Canada Data Reveals How Much Canadians Are Willing To Spend On Canadian Merchandise

Let's talk about Drake's lint roller for a second.

When it comes to buying uniquely Canadian items online, it seems there's no limit to what people are willing to spend.

Take the following examples:

  • A $55,000 lint roller used by Drake.
  • A $14,000 staircase that was part of Celine Dion's Las Vegas residency.
  • A $9,500 hockey stick.

These are all items purchased through eBay Canada in recent years, bought by people who just had to own a piece of Canadian history.

EBay Canada pulled out some pretty patriotic tidbits in the site's e-commerce stats provided to HuffPost Canada.

In terms of spending and selling, is Justin Trudeau more famous than his father? Which Great North celebrity fetches the most money for commemorative items?

And how much are Canadians willing to spend on designer tuques?

Take a look through the following figures to see which items Canadians love best and how much money they'll part with for a piece of Canadiana. (All figures are in Canadian dollars.)

  • Top Canadian celeb stuff
    Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

    At the bottom of the top five list of Canadian celeb stuff in terms of both quantity of items sold and their total value are Justin Bieber and Celine Dion.

    If you’re looking at quantity of items, Justin Bieber comes in fourth, but Celine Dion has him beat on money spent —Canadians spent nearly 30 per cent more on the Canadian chanteuse than the Biebs.

    Most expensive Celine Dion item ever bought by a Canadian: Spiral staircase used by the singer in Caesars Palace Las Vegas performance, for almost $14,000.

    Most expensive Justin Bieber item ever bought by a Canadian: Edmonton concert tickets and a meet and greet with Bieber, for almost $10,000.

    Most expensive Justin Bieber item ever bought by a non-Canadian: His sneakers sold for over $62,000.

  • Steve Marcus / Reuters

    Toronto-born Drake takes the third spot overall, making him the top musical talent. Champagne Papi gets a spot on the podium based on money spent.

    Most expensive Drake item ever bought by a Canadian: Limited edition OVO Canada Goose jacket signed by Drake for almost $7,000.

    Most expensive Drake item ever bought by a non-Canadian: Drake’s lint roller was purchased for over $55,000.

  • Harry How via Getty Images

    Sid the Kid comes in at a close second. Canadians have spent more than $16 million on Canada’s second-favourite hockey star.

    Most expensive Sidney Crosby item ever bought by a Canadian: Game-worn Sidney Crosby Team Canada hockey jersey for more than $36,000.

  • Dave Sandford via Getty Images

    Wayne Gretzky is the most famous Canadian, in terms of both quantity of items sold and their total value. In fact, Canadians have spent almost $20 million to own a piece of the Great One.

    Most expensive Wayne Gretzky item ever bought by a Canadian: 1979 O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky rookie card for more than $40,000.

  • Notable Canadian celeb items
    Jacob Andrzejczak via Getty Images
    Most expensive Pamela Anderson item ever bought by a Canadian: Meet and greet with Pamela Anderson at 2005 MAC VIVA GLAM Toronto for almost $3,000.
  • eBay Canada
    Most expensive Chris Hadfield item ever bought by a Canadian: Larrivee P-01 ISS guitar signed by the astronaut for over $1,400.
  • Who is Canada’s favourite prime minister?
    Reuters Photographer / Reuters
    It depends on quality versus quantity. Sir John A. MacDonald comes in at the top spot in terms of most money spent by Canadians on eBay for related items.
  • eBay Canada
    Most expensive Sir John A. MacDonald item ever bought by a Canadian: A hand-signed vintage card for almost $11,000.
  • Michael Evans via Getty Images
    However, if it’s quantity you’re looking at, Pierre Elliott Trudeau has MacDonald beat on number of items purchased.
  • Who is more popular, Trudeau Jr. or Sr.?
    Drew Angerer via Getty Images
    The OG Trudeau currently reigns supreme in Canadian hearts, with nearly four times more items purchased by Canadians on eBay.
  • eBay Canada

    However, with a little more time, Trudeau Jr. could easily overtake his father, especially with items like Justin Trudeau bobbleheads even being a "thing."

    The evidence: The Internet Has A Lot Of Really Weird And Ridiculous Justin Trudeau Stuff For Sale

  • How much do we love our Canadiana items, and what are the regional trends?
    XtockImages via Getty Images
  • Canadian flags
    eBay Canada
    The most expensive Canadian flag ever bought by a Canadian on eBay was a rare, early 1900s Newfoundland and Labrador red ensign, pre-Confederation flag purchased by a Manitoban for more than $2,000.
  • Tuques
    Louis Vuiton

    Canadians are keeping it fashionable while keeping it toasty. The most expensive tuque bought by a Canadian was a Louis Vuitton Damier Flocon winter beanie, purchased for more than $400.

  • Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images
    Those in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are Canada’s top tuque buyers, in terms of quantity.
  • Flannel
    Christian Louboutin

    Not much compares to a great Canadian lumberjack, but not all Canucks are sporting backwoods-style flannel.

    The most expensive flannel item purchased by a Canadian is a pair of Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes flannel sneakers, which went for more than $2,600.

  • Canoes
    FatCamera via Getty Images

    The most expensive canoe bought by a Canadian was a Kennebec Old Town Salesman model canoe at more than $6,000. 

    Those in the Atlantic provinces are Canada’s top canoers, in terms of quantity purchased.

  • Adirondack Chairs
    Ron Levine via Getty Images

    The most expensive Adirondack chair bought on eBay had been transformed into a work of art by Ontario artist Rose Pearson. It was purchased for more than $2,000.

    No surprise here, those in Ontario are top purchasers of Adirondack chairs (also known as Muskoka chairs), in terms of quantity.

  • Hockey sticks
    Solovyova via Getty Images
    The most expensive hockey stick bought by a Canadian was a Team Canada men’s hockey signed wooden Souvenir Stick, purchased for nearly $9,500.
  • Maple syrup
    pokergecko via Getty Images

    Maple syrup is a hot commodity, and Canadians know it’s important to be prepared. The most expensive maple syrup ever bought by a Canadian was a lot of 24 bottles for $300.

    Even those beyond Canadian borders want a piece of our liquid gold. The most expensive maple syrup ever sold by a Canadian on eBay was four litres of the good stuff to a Russian buyer for almost $400.

  • What is the most expensive single item ever sold by a Canadian?
    Print Collector via Getty Images

    1. Felix Ziem (pictured here) painting (circa 1821-1911) sold for almost $260,000.

    2. Ivan Pavlovich Pokhitonov painting (circa 1851-1925) sold for almost $190,000.

    3. Patek Philippe 5970R rose gold watch sold for over $160,000.

  • What's the most expensive single item ever bought by a Canadian?
    Alex Wong via Getty Images

    1. Charity power lunch with billionaire entrepreneur Warren Buffett, bought for almost $2.3 million.

    2. Vasily Sitnikov Russian painting Non-conformist, bought for over $570,000.

    3. 11.09 CT F SI2 round diamond solitaire ring, bought for over $150,000.

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