07/04/2017 12:01 EDT | Updated 07/05/2017 12:19 EDT

Oreo Is Making Avocado And Unicorn Cookies, Because Why Not?

Anything can happen in 2017.

Oreos have been a kid classic for years, but somewhere along the way, "Milk's Favorite Cookie" became known for its novelty flavours over its original crème filling. From the genius S'mores Oreos to the more eyebrow-raising Swedish Fish and, of course, Pumpkin Spice, we thought we'd seen them all — until now.

Because anything can happen in 2017, cookie maker Nabisco is making unique Oreo flavours such as avocado, unicorn, carrot cake and popcorn.

Oreo lovers dreamt up the innovative flavours after the cookie launched the Twitter campaign #MyOreoCreation, encouraging fans to tweet out all sorts of ideas. Naturally, this resulted in some bizarre suggestions that Oreo actually took and ran with.

The company is now making these one-of-a-kind Oreo creations and sending them to their fans.

It's not surprising that avocado and unicorn flavours were suggested. After all, the two have become the biggest food trends among millennials this year.

Not only have we reached peak avocado, thanks to avocado-themed restaurants and avolattes (literally a latte in an avocado), but we've seen unicorn recipes galore (a.k.a. food with glitter) and unicorn-flavoured frappacinos introduced at Starbucks.

If you think you have a brilliant flavour idea for Oreo, you have until July 14 to submit your creation using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest on Twitter or Instagram. Oreo will then choose three finalists whose creations will hit shelves next year. There will also be a grand-prize winner who will receive USD$500,000!

So far, the Oreo ideas have ranged from cinnamon crumb cake to pizza to Somoas ("Oreo cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut, & striped with dark chocolate coating").

What a time to be alive.