07/17/2017 00:01 EDT | Updated 07/17/2017 00:01 EDT

The Best Weekend Adventures For You And The Boys


You often hear a lot of talk about women planning weekend vacations just with the girls but what about us boys? It's about time we round up the dudes for a bromantic getaway without women, kids and job stress. This male-only affair is the perfect time to bond, relax and get away from the chaos of everyday life. We've partnered with Choice Hotels to help you create the ultimate weekend vacation getaway list for bros. Ready for a mancation?

Smash Things

Why bother with golf when you can break things. Book at a day at a Rage Room in Toronto. It's an activity where you can put on protective gear and brake things. Using bats and crowbars you can smash things without having to clean up afterwards. It's an excellent way to relieve stress and just really cool.

White Water Rafting

The adrenaline rush of white water rafting can't be beat and doing it with a bunch of your closest friends can make it even better. Consider packing up your things and find accommodations up in the Ottawa region for a splashy weekend of fun, exercise and relaxation.


Fishing Trip

One surefire way to have an amazing guys weekend is to pack that fishing tackle and head to the lake, ocean or river for a fishing adventure. Think about a scenic location out on the coast and memories that will last a lifetime.

Bike And Beer Tours

Canada is host to a wide range of breweries. Make a weekend out of a tour to visit your favourite craft brewery but think about doing it on a bike. That's right -- regions in British Columbia and Ontario, for instance, host cycling tours that allow the gang to ride to each boozy location. There's a tour in Windsor, Ont., for example, that guides you through some of the historic region's best breweries and pubs. Spanning over 20 kilometres, this tour will introduce you to some the county's best gastronomic finds. There's also tandem bikes available -- so there's that too.

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The Ultimate Sports Weekend

There's nothing like catching your favourite sporting event with the fellas — so make a weekend out of it. Whether you follow baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, hitting a hotel in your favorite sports city for a weekend of sporting fun, food and nightlife is sure to be a hit with the gang.

Eat Like A King

Pick a city like Montreal and eat like a king -- this is your time to indulge after all. Au Pied de Cochon, Schwartz's Deli, and La Banquise are just some examples of restaurants you should dine in (and we haven't even thought about dessert yet).

These weekend getaways for bros is the perfect opportunity for the dudes to hang out, reconnect and have some fun. As one of the largest hotel franchisors in Canada, a Choice hotel is always there to help you make your weekend adventure a memorable one.