07/24/2017 00:01 EDT | Updated 07/24/2017 08:51 EDT

The Ultimate Guide To Planning The Best Family Reunion

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Family reunions are joyous occasions but they don't plan themselves. Let's be honest, coordinating a gathering of 30 plus family members from coast to coast isn't easy.

If it's up to you to lead the charge, the key to success is starting early – six months to a year. Come up with a plan that's cost effective for everyone. Seek out group discounts and opt for accommodations that cater to large groups.

At the end of the day, seeing all your loved ones together will make the effort entirely worth it. In the meantime, make the planning process as smooth as possible with a few tips that could mitigate future hiccups, presented in partnership with Choice Hotels.

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1) Set a date ahead of time

Wedding invites are sent out a year in advance for a reason. Do the same when setting dates for your family reunion. Any event that requires travel and has many attendees should be given ample notice so family members can plan around the date.

Once a date is set, it might even be a good idea to use the same date for future family reunions, turning it into a tradition of sorts.

2) Select a destination

Selecting a destination for a large family reunion should never be a one-man show. Conduct a survey amongst family members regarding spending limits, preferred activities and accommodations and have that information inform your decision.

Once a destination is nailed down, start thinking about accommodations. Amenities like Wi-Fi and in-room perks like microwaves and fridges are also essential when children are attending. Choice Hotels like Comfort or Quality offer rooms perfect for families. Learn more here.

Another excellent way to maximize your budget is to take advantage of group discounts at local tourist attractions, restaurants and activities.

3) Delegate roles to other family members

A family that plans together, stays together. Don't burden one member with organizing the entire event. Instead, delegate roles to a few key people and create a reunion committee.

Your committee might consist of the following leads but you can tailor it to your specific needs:

  • Finance/payment

  • Food

  • Bookings + lodging

  • Activities + Itinerary

  • Decor

  • Communications + updates

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4) Create a Facebook group

As the plans start coming together, an efficient way to keep everyone updated is through a Facebook group or website. They're easy to set up and accessible to family members anywhere in the world.

Have your communications lead take charge of the page. Any changes, calls for suggestions or requests can be communicated through the reunion website.

Let Choice Hotels make your family reunion planning easy and painless with group discounts and beautiful suites in popular destinations throughout Canada.