07/07/2017 10:28 EDT | Updated 07/07/2017 10:29 EDT

Turning Watermelons Into Dresses Is Our New Favourite Way To Eat Fruit

Time to get creative!

Plenty of summer social media trends have come and gone. There have been the good (Bucket Challenge) and the controversial (#HarambeForever). And now there's what we think could be the healthiest.

Earlier this month, people started posting pictures of themselves "wearing" watermelons instead of clothes.

It's unclear exactly where the meme originated, but people have taken it and absolutely run with it.

There was Ryan Seacrest, cooling down...

Ridiculously adorable children, really getting into it...

And then the fashionistas, who seriously came to play, with enhanced designs and decorative touches.

#watermelondress #cupcakebaby

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Basically, it's the easiest summer style trend to pull off, because who isn't eating watermelon at some point this season?

And besides, if you get bored of the delicious melon, there's always the option of trying out a few more foods, like Instagram user Stefani, who has been experimenting with different foods with her daughter for ages.

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