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Surprising Baby Names That Could Become Endangered This Year

Goodbye, Elsa.

All baby names experience ebbs and flows when it comes to popularity, but BabyCenter has just released a list of monikers that could become endangered this year.

Surprisingly, names like Elsa, Phillip, Giselle, Liv, and Shane are all at risk in 2017.

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This is unexpected considering these names have all experienced long periods of popularity. Phillip, for instance, was a top 100 choice for a century, before slowly declining in the late '80s, according to Nameberry. Today, Phillip remains on the top 500 list since it is still considered a classic name.

Conversely, Liv is a more modern name that has become particularly trendy in recent years because it is short and sweet. Its popularity is also due to celebrities. Liv Tyler famously bears this name, and Julianne Moore chose this moniker for her own daughter.

There's a tipping point at which a name can become so common or associated with a specific person that parents stop using it.

So why are these names plummeting so quickly in 2017? According to BabyCenter's Global Editor-in-Chief, Linda Murray, it's because they've reached their tipping point.

"There's a tipping point at which a name can become so common or associated with a specific person that parents stop using it," Murray explained in a press release. "BabyCenter has seen this over the years with celebrity and sports star names, as well as names from hit TV shows or movies."

Murray then used the name Elsa as an example, which hit peak popularity in 2014, following the release of Disney's "Frozen." While Elsa was once at the top of the charts, it's now "tumbled 57 per cent this year, as parents let it go."

In regards to celebrity names, Gwen (Stefani), Kate (Middleton) and Bradley (Cooper) have all experienced a drop in rankings as well, falling 71, 52 and 48 per cent, respectively, this year.

While these names might be endangered due to a lack of appeal as of late, it's important to note that they won't be going extinct any time soon. But that's only because old-fashioned names like Rhonda, Blanche, Dick, Rudolph and Willard are on their way out first.

Back in April, BabyCentre U.K. also reported that names like Dean, Angela, Elaine and Geoffrey would soon be on the brink of extinction as well.

Visit here for BabyCenter's full list of endangered baby names in 2017.

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