'Phubbing' Is Destroying Your Relationships

Sometimes even before they begin.

As if dating in the digital age wasn't hard enough.

With hookup apps dominating the market and ghosting eliminating whatever's left behind, singles also have to worry about "phubbing," the new trend that is making dating even more dreadful.

A combination of the words "phone" and "snubbing," phubbing is exactly that: snubbing your date by paying more attention to your phone.

According to a recent study at Baylor University, 46 per cent of people in relationships have fallen victim to phubbing, and 22 per cent from that group actually fight about it.

Though the study group was small, the findings aren't that surprising. According to StopPhubbing.com, the average restaurant will see 36 cases of phubbing each dinner seating — which is the equivalent of spending 570 days alone, despite being with others.

Instead of fighting about phubbing, simply let the phubber know what they are doing and tell them how it makes you feel, because believe it or not, most phubbers don't even realize how attached to their phone they are.