07/15/2017 16:19 EDT | Updated 07/17/2017 12:02 EDT

Justin Trudeau Releases His Summer Playlist On Spotify

Lots of CanCon.

Chris Wattie / Reuters
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a summer playlist via Spotify.

What does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listen to when he's chilling out on the dock? If his Spotify playlist is any indication, a solid mix of Canadian classics with a few surprises thrown in.

Trudeau released his summer playlist via the streaming music service on Saturday.

Cottage-rock staples including The Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo anchor the 39-song playlist. Canadian rock icon Neil Young makes an appearance via a soulful k.d. lang cover of "After The Gold Rush."

And Trudeau seems to have some idea what the kids are listening to these days: hitmakers Drake, Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes make the cut.

However, our friends at HuffPost Quebec would have liked to have seen a few more Quebecois artists in the mix.

And this writer questions including the tearjerker REM song "Everybody Hurts," unless the PM wants to make his guests a little weepy between their glasses of rosé.

What do you think should be on Trudeau's summer mix? How does this stack up to Barack Obama's playlist?

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