07/17/2017 20:16 EDT | Updated 07/17/2017 20:55 EDT

Loblaws Pulls Wasp Trap That Reportedly Killed 7 Birds

“My heart hurts,” one customer wrote on Facebook.

RESCUE! Pest Control
RESCUE! Pest Control says that it is an

A wasp trap that reportedly killed seven birds in Toronto will be pulled from Real Canadian Superstores and Loblaws stores.

"My heart hurts," Phoenix Pike wrote on Facebook on Monday. "We bought a wasp trap from Real Canadian Superstore ... Sadly unbeknownst to us it trapped seven tiny birds as well."

Pike wrote that she reached out to the store but they refused to remove the product because of a contract with the distributor.

But in an email to HuffPost Canada, Real Canadian Superstore's parent company Loblaw Companies Limited said it has "made the proactive decision to remove the product from our shelves."

"This is the first we have heard of the concerns with the product," spokesperson Tammy Smitham said. CTV News Toronto was also told their query was the first complaint the company had heard.

The product's manufacturer, RESCUE!, said that it is aware the traps sometimes kill birds.

We acknowledge that this is an upsetting and traumatizing sight for anyone to see.RESCUE! Pest Control

"We are just as upset as you are to see this. However, it is an extremely rare occurrence," the company told a customer on Twitter.

"In the five years since this product was introduced in the U.S., we've sold over 1 million TrapStiks, and have been alerted to a bird catch about a dozen times," RESCUE! wrote in a statement.

"We acknowledge that this is an upsetting and traumatizing sight for anyone to see. As with any sticky trap used outdoors, there is a risk of catching a bird, a beneficial insect or any other creature that flies and comes into contact with this trap."

Loblaw said it will issue refunds to any customers who would like to return their trap, with a receipt.

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