07/18/2017 12:47 EDT | Updated 07/18/2017 13:23 EDT

Animal Cruelty Charges Laid In Calgary After Dog Dies In Hot Car

The official cause of death was hyperthermia.

Calgary SPCA
A Labrador retriever died after being left in a hot car in Alberta.

A Calgary man has been charged with animal cruelty offences after a Labrador retriever was left in a hot vehicle for "an extended period of time" and died.

The Calgary Human Society was notified about the case and investigators seized the remains of the female black Lab from the community of Penbrooke. It's believed the dog was left in a car when temperatures outside rose to as high as 31 degrees Celsius, said the agency.

The animal's official cause of death was hyperthermia, which is extreme elevated body temperature.

Sobering reminder

While I cannot get into great detail of the investigation as this is an active file pending court, this is an important message for the public, in the peak of hot weather, and should serve as a sobering deterrent," said Brad Nichols, the society's senior manager of cruelty investigations in a news release.

"Leaving an animal in a hot car, regardless of window position, is incredibly dangerous and can, as with this worst case scenario, result in property damage, charges and death."

Jeremy Quaile, 45, of Calgary has been charged under the Animal Protection Act for causing an animal to be in distress as a result of failure to provide adequate ventilation or protection from injurious heat.

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