07/18/2017 12:30 EDT | Updated 07/21/2017 10:08 EDT

Girl Dancing To ‘Despacito’ Is The Epitome Of Joy

We can't stop watching!

A video of a girl who drops everything to dance to "Despacito" is giving us life.

Over 66 million people have watched Niana Guerrero bust a move to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's catchy tune, turning the young girl into an instant star.

In a Facebook clip shared by her and her brother Ranz's vlog page, Guerrero is seen breaking into dance every time the Spanish song comes on, whether that be in the streets, in a grocery store or while she's enjoying a hot meal.

Honestly, the pure joy Guerrero has for this song is enough to make us get up and dance too! Take a look for yourself below.

"Despacito" has been dubbed the song of the summer, so it makes sense that Guerrero would feel obligated to groove as soon as it comes on.

On Twitter, users can't quite figure out what makes the song so damn catchy.

According to music expert and agent Rick Eberle, "Despacito" is such a hit because of its beat, melody and lyrics.

"If you have all three, then you have the three musketeers," he told CBS2. "They're all going together, they're all playing together in perfect harmony. So that's what makes a hit."

He also added that the Latin beat in the song "just makes people start moving."

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