07/19/2017 11:08 EDT | Updated 07/19/2017 11:08 EDT

The Duchess Of Cambridge Honours Germany With Her Berlin Wardrobe

Just look at that hue.

It'll come to no surprise for fans of the Duchess of Cambridge's style that each of the items she dons is carefully considered for its impact, depending on where she's wearing it.

That holds doubly true, we assume, when Kate is on diplomatic trips, such as the current visit to Poland and Germany with Prince William and their kids, which has been dubbed the Brexit charm offensive.

AFP/Getty Images
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the airport in Berlin on July 19, 2017.

In the case of the Duchess' arrival in Berlin, she chose a Catherine Walker & Co. coat-dress in a Prussian Blue hue, a colour intrinsically tied to the German people, reports the Telegraph.

The gorgeous shade (also known as Berlin Blue) was first created in Berlin in 1704 by chemist Heinrich Diesbach, and has been credited as being the first synthetic colour, notes Fast Company. It was also the colour worn by the German army until World War I, when uniforms became more greenish-grey.

But Kate didn't stop there. The entire Cambridge family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were dressed in shades of blue, albeit lighter ones that complemented her outfit beautifully.

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge arrive at Berlin Tegel Airport during an official visit to Poland and Germany on July 19, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

And just check out how awesomely Charlotte has perfected her curtsy!

As the Telegraph points out, however, there's some debate that Kate's coat could be construed as Royal Blue, a colour with English heritage, thanks to its advent in the 1830s in a dress for Queen Charlotte.

Since we know Kate loves dressing on a theme, however (has anyone forgotten that maple leaf hat from Canada Day in 2011?), we're going to assume she too preferred the geography-based option — and will leave the royal one for her many, many other duties.

The Cambridge family continues their three-day trip to Poland and Germany with a visit to Brandenburg Gate, as well as the Holocaust Memorial, a children's charity and a birthday party for the Queen at the British Ambassador's residence.