07/22/2017 08:26 EDT | Updated 10/16/2017 10:32 EDT

Smiley, Blind Therapy Dog From Ontario, Doesn't Have Long Left To Live, Says His Owner

Masses were found in his liver and on his stomach.

Smiley, the beloved blind therapy dog, doesn't have long left to live.

The golden retriever's owner, who lives in Stouffville, Ont. wrote on Facebook Wednesday that masses were found on his liver and on his stomach.

"We are obviously shocked and devastated," wrote Joanne George.

"He has been so happy lately with extra pep in his step, so this is so hard to comprehend."

The 15-year-old dog has a huge fan base, and thousands shared their messages of condolence and stories of losing their own pups.

He spent Wednesday having X-rays, ultrasounds and other procedures, but now he's home with his family, George wrote, and they're treasuring the remaining time they have with him.

George, a dog trainer, told HuffPost in 2015 that she rescued him from a puppy mill 11 years beforehand.

He was born without eyes due to a condition linked to dwarfism, which also meant he has oversized teeth. The combination makes him look like he's smiling, she told HuffPost.

"People say they feel like a different person after meeting Smiley," she said.

He has spent years working as a therapy dog for St. John's Ambulance, George told the Toronto Star in 2015, visiting nursing homes, libraries and schools.

We hope he can be happy and comfy with his family for as long as possible. Stay strong, Smiley!

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