07/21/2017 14:02 EDT | Updated 07/21/2017 14:02 EDT

A ‘Vagina’ Highlighter Exists And People Are Not Happy About It

This is wack.

We have to admit beauty trends have gotten pretty wacky recently. From brow stamps to condom beauty blenders, it feels like we've seen it all — until now.

Introducing the "vagina" highlighter:

The product comes from Scandinavia and has a mouthful of a name: Perfect V's Shades of V Very V Luminizer.

While the brand doesn't state outright what the "V" stands for in its product name or description, Refinery29 notes that the company describes it as "that small triangle we wax, shave, laser, sugar, trim, dye even, and then leave until the next time." Thus, we can safely assume they're talking about the vulva.

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Perfect V's highlighter cream is meant to be used on your bikini area to make the skin "appear more youthful and fresh." Thanks to the added vitamin E and elderflower, the product not only helps even out skin tone, but also brightens it and minimizes imperfections, such as dark spots.

And on top of all that, the "luminious iridescent colour" of the highlighter makes your vulva glow and adds "some extra prettiness to the V," because why not?

On Twitter, people are appalled by this new product and many believe it's another beauty trend that's gone too far.

Although we admit the highlighter aspect of this product is ridiculous, we do think it makes sense from a skincare point of view. After all, considering everything the bikini area goes through, why wouldn't we want to show it some love?

However, as one Twitter user pointed out, this product does present a major problem.

This tweet couldn't be more accurate, as many women today have insecurities about their appearance and, specifically, about the way their vagina looks.

"As a teenager, I would spend hours with my legs open in front of a mirror examining my vagina. I thought it was too dark, too ugly, too everything but what I wanted it to be," one anonymous woman previously told HuffPost Canada about her vagina insecurities.

So whether you choose to use Perfect V's product or not, just know that your vagina IS normal because every vagina is beautiful just the way it is.

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