07/23/2017 15:26 EDT | Updated 07/26/2017 16:26 EDT

Climber injured after anchor gave way is rescued after night on mountain

CANMORE, Alta. — A climber who was injured in a tumble down an Alberta mountain has been rescued after spending the night on a rocky ledge.

Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section says in a post on Facebook the climber was among a group that had summited Little Sister mountain near Canmore late on Saturday.

The post notes that during their descent, the climbers used a rock horn as an anchor, and had inspected some pre-existing slings around it.

The first climber rappelled down to another anchor, but as the second climber was coming down, the rock horn collapsed and she began to fall down the slope and came to rest part of the way down.

She suffered torso and head injuries but remained mobile, and the climbers were able to descend to a large ledge where they remained until the morning.

A helicopter rescued them Sunday.