07/25/2017 15:03 EDT | Updated 07/25/2017 16:11 EDT

Lone Star Tick Bite Can Make A Person Allergic To Red Meat

Wait, what?

Ticks already suck, in both senses of the word, but now Canadians have to stress about a new potential consequence of being bitten by one: an allergy to meat.

The Lone Star tick, which was commonly found in the U.S. southeast, has spread to the midwest and even the east coast, and a few have been discovered in Canada.

The insect, named for a white dot on the females' backs, can carry several diseases.

James Gathany/CDC via AP

"It is one of the few [ticks] that will actually chase their prey. Once they know that you're there, they will trundle towards you," biologist Vett Lloyd told CBC News.

It also transmits a substance that can make a person allergic to red meat.

Ontarian Les Waters can no longer enjoy his steaks after he was bit by a Lone Star tick, he told CBC.

But how does this actually happen?

You can find out more in the video above.