07/30/2017 11:42 EDT | Updated 07/30/2017 11:48 EDT

Canadian Tire Employee Who Pushed Indigenous Customer Loses His Job

A video of the incident went viral and sparked outrage across the world.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
An employee restocks merchandise at a Canadian Tire store in Toronto, in 2013. A spokesperson said the employee accused of racial profiling in Regina is no longer with the company.

REGINA — A spokesperson for Canadian Tire says a staff member who physically removed an Indigenous man from a store in Regina is no longer with the company.

Kamao Cappo of the Muscowpetung First Nation posted a video to social media last week that appears to show him being pushed by a store employee who accused him of shoplifting.

A spokeswoman for Canadian Tire says the employee in the video "has not been working in the store since the time of the incident and he is no longer with (the company)."

The incident sparked online outrage, and about 40 people staged a demonstration outside of the store Friday to show support for Cappo, who says he was discriminated against because he is Indigenous.

Cappo was in the store buying a chainsaw, an extra chain and oil but when he was at the check-out, he realized he had the wrong model and took the goods to customer service where he put the chain and oil inside the saw box for ease of handling by the clerk.

Cappo says that when he went to look for the right model he was approached by an employee who accused him of trying to shoplift, pushed him against some shelves and physically removed him from the store when he wouldn't leave.

He says he has a heart condition and was injured in the confrontation. He says he filed a complaint with police and is considering pressing charges.

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