07/31/2017 00:02 EDT | Updated 08/01/2017 11:32 EDT

There’s Nothing Better Than These Moments With Family

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The time we spend with our loved ones is precious and it's often these moments that are the most meaningful. Sharing belly laughs over a bowl of ice cream at home, splashing your parents with a massive cannonball at a hotel pool, or watching with pride as a daughter receives her diploma are often the most tactile memories -- ones that bring tears to our eyes when we think of them.

Whether it's taking place at home or with a just-as-comforting stay at one of Choice Hotels' multiple locations across the country, these are some of the sweetest moments we share with our families and friends.

Conversations at the dinner table

With likes and texts, we're in constant contact with the people with love, but there's nothing like pulling up to the table to talk over a meal. There's a lot to learn about each other when you're passing the potatoes, from a funny joke your kid heard at school to the more serious stuff. Whether you're celebrating each other over supper at the kitchen table or gathering for breakfast at a Choice Hotels property, getting together for some talk time is a simple treasure.

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Staying up past bedtime

There might not be a more comforting feeling for a little kid than having their parent tuck them in at night. Having that blanket brought up snugly is a moment seared in most of our memories but there's nothing more precious than throwing bedtime out the window and staying up late. Extra points for being rebellious while on vacation, ordering room service and relaxing in hotel suite until sunrise.

First day of school

Getting your little guys ready for their first day of school is a tear-jerking moment for parents as no other day signals your kid's independence like this does. If you think grade school is emotional, just wait until you have to drop them off at university. The idea of booking a nearby Choice Hotels suite every other weekend begins to look pretty ideal!

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That diploma signifies your little person's entrance to maturity. Cheering them on as they're walking up to the podium is a success to savour and seeing them flourish from that point on are cherries on top of an already awesome sundae!

Road trip bonding

Life's most memorable moments are made when you break out of your routine. Here's to sharing stories and sing-alongs on a long car trips, to the shrieks of joy while splashing around together in a hotel pool, and to experiencing something out of the norm as a family. You'd be surprised how many conversations start with "remember that time when".

Never miss a moment and book with Choice Hotels today. Whether it's planning a family reunion or a cross-Canada family road trip, a Choice hotel can help you make memories that last a lifetime.