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Fun Things To Do In Saskatoon For A Great Weekend

What to eat, see and do for fun in the 'Paris of the Prairies.'

Saskatoon isn't like most Canadian cities.

There isn't the same blend of nature and urban sprawl found in Calgary or Vancouver. It doesn't have the landmarks that make Toronto famous. There's no coastal views, like the ones travellers come to expect from the Maritimes.

But what it lacks in these departments, it makes up for in charm. The kind of charm that drew in locals like Jenna Gaube to move to the city. But despite calling the "Paris of the Prairies" home, she's still unfamiliar with the city's full potential.

Good thing "Like A Tourist" host Emily Anonuevo is here to help. Watch the video above to see some great spots Saskatoon has to offer.

What To Do: Take A Leap Of Faith At Apex Trampoline Park

3910 Burron Ave., Saskatoon

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The folks at Apex Trampoline Park don't mess around when it come to trust falls. Only instead of a person catching you, you've got a giant crash pad softening your blow — perfect for anyone looking push themselves and overcome their fear of heights. Those looking build up their confidence can practice at the park's open jump times where participants of all skill levels can hop around. See if you can pull off any of these moves!

What To Eat: Dumpling Goodness At Baba's Perogies

720B 51 St., Saskatoon

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When it comes to perogies, handmade is best. So, it's easy to understand how Baba's has evolved into a Saskatoon institution over the last 30 years. Orders come with sour cream, bacon bits and fried onions at no extra charge. And yes, they even have a perogy drive-thru. Those looking for something less starchy can indulge in other Eastern European classics like cabbage rolls or borscht.

What To See: University Of Saskatchewan Observatory

108 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon

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The "Paris of the Prairies" doesn't have an Eiffel Tower but if you're looking for twinkling lights, the University of Saskatchewan's Observatory is your best bet. No telephoto lens can hold a candle to the campus' telescope for a gorgeous and up-close look at the stars. And if the view isn't already impressive, blow your friends' minds by dropping this little nugget: Telescopes also double as time machines.

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