08/01/2017 12:36 EDT | Updated 08/01/2017 12:38 EDT

A Photo Of A Helmet-Wearing Baby's Family Spurred A Flood Of Baby-Helmet Cuteness

Hold onto your hearts, people.

You may have seen the adorable photo of the Gutierrez family from San Antonio, Tx. all wearing helmets in support of their little Jonas, who has plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome.

No? OK, take a look — it's totally fine to "Awwwwww" loudly at the cuteness.

Writer Shea Serrano posted the tweet on Saturday: "My cousin's baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he's got the whole family wearing helmets now this is the realest shit i ever seen."

Plagiocephaly can occur when babies sleep on their backs, which they're supposed to do to avoid SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. One way to treat flat-head syndrome is with helmet therapy, where the infant wears a helmet for extended periods to help reshape their head. Recent research shows it can be effective when other treatments aren't.

Four-month-old Jonas has to wear a helmet 23 hours a day for up to six months, CBS reports. So, his three-year-old sister Camila started to wear hers too in support. And then she asked her dad to. Now, the whole family wears helmets in solidarity with Jonas.

And the internet stands with them too. People replied to Serrano's tweet with photos of adorable babies in helmets:

#HelmetSquad represent! What an adorable way to support the family and spread understanding about a common experience for many babies and parents.