08/01/2017 11:43 EDT | Updated 08/01/2017 11:44 EDT

EasyJet Passenger Holding Baby Allegedly Punched By Nice Airport Worker

"I just can't believe people can behave like that."

From the seemingly endless lineups to the cramped seating to the stealthy farting that passengers partake in, travelling on airplanes is a jewel in our species' history.

And for one passenger in France over the weekend, as CNN reports, the magic of flying sparkled even brighter after he was allegedly punched in the face by an airport worker — while he was holding a baby.

The brouhaha reportedly took place in Nice's airport on Sunday, where the passenger's EasyJet flight to Luton, England was held back for 11 hours.

Bystander Arabella Arkwright spoke to several outlets about the incident. She said the passenger and his partner had complained to the worker about the delay.

It was awful, the whole thing.

"The couple were showing some irritation, which was perfectly understandable in the circumstances, but she was not threatening and was just saying 'we've got children' which is quite a normal thing to say," Arkwright told The Telegraph.

She said the worker then "lunged" at the passenger and hit him.

"It was awful, the whole thing. I just can't believe people can behave like that," Arkwright told CNN.

She shared a photo of the alleged incident on Twitter:

EasyJet said that it was concerned by the kerfuffle, but pointed out that the staffer in question was not one of its employees. The Nice Airport confirmed in a Facebook post that the worker is from a subcontracting company.

It said police officers were called immediately and questioned both men.

"Whatever the circumstances, the airport management firmly condemns this incident and has immediately asked that this staff member to be suspended," said in a Facebook post.

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