08/01/2017 07:31 EDT | Updated 08/01/2017 09:08 EDT

Cakemaker Molly Robbins Tweets Photo Of Mom's Disturbing Dead-Fly Eyelash Mistake

If you wear glasses, you can maybe relate. Maybe.

Only those who wear glasses understand the awkwardness that happens when you take them off. Where is everything? The world becomes a giant blur.

So it's maybe understandable that one woman might make a stomach-turning mistake and try to glue an insect on her eye. Maybe.

Cakemaker Molly Robbins from Lancashire, England, tweeted a stomach-churning photo on Saturday that her mom, Judy, had reportedly sent her:

"Text from mum - having trouble sticking lashes on without her glasses.. turns out she was trying to glue a dead fly to her eyelid. I'm out," Robbins wrote alongside a photo of a clump of false eyelashes next to what looks like a very dead fly.

The internet was horrified! And skeptical!

Molly's aunt, Kate Robbins, a singer, stepped in to defend and clarify:

And Molly herself was a bit disturbed that her tweet had attracted so much attention:

Speaking of those giant cakes, they are pretty impressive — Molly has won several awards for her edible work:

#dinosaur #cake for Toby's 5th #birthday #cakestagram #birthdaycake #extremecakemakers #instacake

A post shared by Molly Robbins (@mollymakescakes) on

So let's hope the cakes get the attention they deserve post-flylash gaffe. And let's hope Molly's mom has recovered from the trauma. Shudder.

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