08/02/2017 14:51 EDT | Updated 08/02/2017 14:51 EDT

Epcor Sends Edmonton Tenant ‘Absurd’ Electricity Bill For $11K

"That would only make sense if I was paying for the whole building."

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Vivian Kwan says Epcor sent her an electricity bill for $11,253.15.

An Edmonton woman is disappointed that it took media attention for her electricity provider to rescind an "absurd" bill for $11,253.15.

"It saddens me to see that media is what it takes to make companies step up their game," Vivian Kwan wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

Epcor initially told Kwan that either she or her landlord would have to cover the bill, Kwan said.

"Had to end the conversations because the customer service agent was literally saying 'I'm sorry but it was your fault you put in the 'wrong address' so you will have to pay for the entire bill, talk to your landlord and see if they can reimburse you," Kwan wrote in another post. "Really?"

Kwan was given an error message when she initially signed up with Epcor online, she told CBC Edmonton. So she tried entering the condo building's address with no unit number, and that worked.

Then, the company billed her for 122,400 kWh of electricity. "That would only make sense if I was paying for the whole building," Kwan told Global News.

Epcor has now assured Kwan that she will not be responsible for paying the five-figure bill. A manager also apologized for the first customer service representative, who had refused to escalate Kwan's request to reduce the bill.

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