08/04/2017 12:44 EDT | Updated 08/04/2017 12:44 EDT

Pinterest's Most Popular Summer Hairstyles Are Great News For Lazy Gals

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

If you're someone who feels the heat in a big way, Pinterest has excellent news (and thousands of boards) for you.

In an August trend forecast blog, the inspiration-maker nailed down the hairstyle that women have been seeking out all summer, and let us just say, we think Princess Leia would approve.

That's right — it's all about the double bun.


Sometimes called a bun hawk, sometimes called "two buns I threw together to get my damn hair off my neck," the look has been saved 170 per cent more this year than in the past, according to Pinterest, and it's easy to see why. It looks great, and you can opt for a thrown-together casual look, or take it to the next level and make a statement with those balls of hair.


Cute, right?

But that's not your only option for summer 2017. According to Glamour, the tousled lob (or "long bob") haircut has also proven beloved on the social media site, and it looks exactly like the kind of "wash and go" look you want.


Be warned, though: depending on your hair texture, it might end up being a bit of a pain. As one HelloGiggles writer discovered, those beachy waves might require a serious time investment, so talk to your stylist beforehand to figure out if it'll really work for you.

The look has been around for a few years now, but its popularity seems only to have grown — check out, for example, "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker, who famously had the look on the show in the early 00's, getting back into it now.

I'm her, Vivienne Day 1 "Unfollow The Rules" X, SJ

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SJP's particular look, mind you, is probably exactly the kind that requires a bit more in the way of a curling iron, but the casual vibe remains, while still looking completely professional.

So basically, it's your ideal summer cut — and should hit the perfect longer length come fall.