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The Ta-Ta Towel Is The Answer To All Your Boob Sweat Problems

And it benefits women in other ways, too.

Now that we're in the dead of summer, it's natural for every part of your body to sweat, including your boobs. But thanks to one company's genius invention, women no longer have to worry about their perspiring breasts.

Ladies, meet the ta-ta towel.

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The ta-ta towel, also known as a "boob hammock," is essentially a towel that wraps around your neck like a halter-top and cups both breasts individually. Not only does the fabric absorb your sweat and keep your breasts dry, but it also holds them up sans wire.

Erin Robertson came up with the invention one summer in Los Angeles after her A/C unit broke and she couldn't stop sweating while getting ready for a date.

"I tucked wash cloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs," she explained on the Ta-Ta Towels website. "But the wash cloths looked ridiculous, the baby powder made me look more like dough, and the t-shirt was making me sweat even more."

Thus, her company Ta-Ta Towels was founded in 2015. Since then, it has helped women with all their boob sweat problems.

"A friend of mine got rashes under her breasts due to moisture buildup; after using the towel, her rashes completely disappeared," Robertson revealed on her site.

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But that's not the only way ta-ta towels benefit women. For breastfeeding mamas, the invention not only offers easy access for nursing, but also absorbs any leaking breast milk. Plus, the towel is made with ultra-soft rayon liner to accommodate those with sensitive nipples, and its halter-top design allows women to feel like they're wearing nothing at all.

"I didn't want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house," Robertson said. "I wanted my 'girls' to be free."

Since its creation, ta-ta towels have gained a lot of traction on social media, with many praising the genius idea.

The ta-ta towel comes in various colours and can be preordered for US$45. The catch is that it's only available for those with C- to H-cups, meaning ladies who are A- or B-cups are out of luck.

"C cup to H cups is 'not all sorts of boobs,'" one Facebook user commented on Buzzfeed. "Guess we B cup gals, or even A cup ladies are SOL, huh?"

While a few A- and B-cup women revealed that they face boob sweat problems too, they agreed they wouldn't be able to keep the ta-ta towel on, due to its design.

Boob sweat is a common problem women face in the summer. For many, it becomes a real issue while blow-drying their hair after a shower, which is why the ta-ta towel would come in handy for many, regardless of their boob size.

While we haven't seen an invention like the ta-ta towel before, certain bras are designed to be more breathable and get rid of moisture.

There are also plenty of hacks for dealing with boob sweat. Adding panty-liners to your bra or dusting corn starch on your breasts are just a few, according to Cosmopolitan. The publication also notes that company Belly Bandit has created a bra liner specifically to help with under-boob perspiration.

While the downside of ta-ta towels is that they aren't available in all boob sizes, one Facebook user pointed out that the company is still making a positive impact. Besides helping women solve their boob sweat problems, they are also helping forward the body-positive movement by using non-stereotypical models in its promotional images.

Now that's a company we can get behind!

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