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Canadian Innovations That Could Revolutionize The Way We Live

Most people are aware of famous Canadian inventions like the telephone, the lightbulb and the game of basketball, but Canadian innovation is perhaps as strong today as it has ever been. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and disruptors are constantly challenging the commonplace -- working to break and remake the mold when it comes to mobile apps and IoT tech design. Let's take a look at some innovations that are changing the way we live, presented in partnership with INFINITI.

Streamlining technology for small businesses, Shopify provides all the tools, bells, and whistles for anyone who wants an easy-to-use platform to sell their product. They provide ready-to-use website themes, a point-of-sale mobile app and even customer success gurus that are available when you need them. Big brands like Penguin Books and the Economist have even begun to use Shopify's offering.

Born in Montreal and used all over the world, Breather is sort of like AirBnB — but for professional meeting spaces and rooms. If you want to take a client meeting offsite, or schedule a brainstorming session in a beautiful space, Breather's likely got a location that will fit your needs and budget. Breather is also ideal for small events and is an elegant solution for business travelers who need peaceful workspaces while on the road.

Operating out of Toronto, Pitstop is a mobile app that lets you know exactly what's going on under the hood of your car. This virtual technician communicates directly with your vehicle's computer-- or "brain" as they like to call it-- to monitor diagnostics. It will then relay important information directly to your phone via Bluetooth. Not only will it inform you of dealer recommended services and send alerts about recall information, the app will predict future vehicle failures and maintenance needs and transmit that critical information directly to your dealer or service center in real time. Pitstop is your car's personal way of telling you how it feels.

Rover Parking is an online marketplace that allows people to share their vacant parking spots and driveways with others. Drivers can choose from hundreds of available parking locations around the city and with the press of a few buttons, claim the spot without fear of parking tickets. Rover Parking is one of nine startups in the INFINITI Lab accelerator program -- a month-long mentorship program that intends to develop the best startup companies in Canada.

Just as entrepreneurs and innovators from across Canada are always trying to make modern, tech-connected life better, easier, and more rewarding, INFINITI is always looking to remake, redefine, and generally improve the luxury driving experience. Learn more about INFINITI and how INFINITI supports entrepreneurship and creation within the Canadian IoT space.

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