08/10/2017 00:01 EDT | Updated 08/10/2017 09:02 EDT

Affordable Ways To Have Fun This Summer

Thomas Barwick

Summer is finally here and that means it's time for some fun in the sun. Summer activities can get expensive, though, so it's always a good idea to find cost-effective ways to enjoy the warm months. The SimplyCash Preferred Card from American Express helps you spend smart, as every purchase you make helps you earn cash back. Essentially, you're further rewarding yourself with every purchase, which is the epitome of a summer win-win. Here are some affordable activities you can take part in using that extra cash.

Ride A Bike

The last time we checked, bicycling was fun, free and good for you, so pump up your tires and hit the road this summer. Hey, maybe you could even pack a picnic lunch! Exploring your city on your two-wheeler is a great and inexpensive way to stay active this summer. If you don't own a bike, buying a used or recycled one won't break the bank.

LeoPatrizi via Getty Images

Do A Walking Tour Of The City

Explore your city by foot. It's the best way to experience all that your hometown has to offer and the perfect way to uncover hidden gems. The best part is that many tours are free while others cost no more that $30. Pack comfortable shoes and bring a fully-charged phone to capture all the Insta-worthy moments.

Go To A Museum

Culture is important, and if you live in a city chances are you live near a few galleries and museums. Most prices for admission are reasonable but look out for summer discounted rates. One advantage of living in a city is that most museums offer various opportunities to partake in the arts; it only makes sense to do so within an air-conditioned gallery.

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Watch A Movie In The Park

There's nothing like spending a warm summer night under the stars, but that date night becomes all the more romantic when it's spent with a loved one watching an outdoor movie. A quick search will reveal countless free viewings in the city.


Giving back to the community is often best accomplished by volunteering your time and energy to a local cause or non-profit. Whether you're planting trees, participating in trash cleanups, or serving meals at a shelter, giving back to the community is an easy thing to do, and it costs you nothing.

Play In A Sports League

It doesn't matter if you're talking softball, kickball, basketball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee — joining a summer sports league gets you outside with friends. Treat the team to few drinks on the patio post-win, because you're earning cash as you spend with the Amex SimplyCash Preferred Card.

Amex SimplyCash rewards are no joke — they earn you big bucks (five per cent cash back within the first six months, two per cent after that). Sign up for the SimplyCash Preferred Card from American Express so you can have some extra money for those fun summer days, and, oh, those summer nights.