08/11/2017 20:21 EDT | Updated 08/11/2017 20:23 EDT

Judge Throws Out Fired DJ's Suit Against Taylor Swift

“Taylor Swift did not act improperly.”

A Denver judge has thrown out David Mueller's lawsuit against Taylor Swift.

U.S. District Judge William J. Martinez said the former KYGO radio DJ can't prove the pop star got him fired.

Mueller, 55, sued Swift in 2015 for damages, saying that the singer had falsely accused him of groping her, according to Reuters.

Mueller said that Swift and her team "pressured station management to oust him from his $150,000-per-year job."

The judge said that "Taylor Swift did not act improperly." Martinez did say there's evidence to support a damages claim over the KYGO contract but not for future earnings. The verdict means Mueller could sue only for up to $300,000, the amount remaining on his contract.

Swift's attorney Douglas Baldridge argued in court Friday that Mueller's grievance "is with KYGO, not with my client."

"KYGO did him wrong, and he didn't sue KYGO," Baldridge added.

The judge will allow Mueller's claim to continue against Swift's mother, Andrea, and her radio liaison, Frank Bell, both of whom reported Swift's groping accusation to station management, BuzzFeed reported.

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